Por favor, firma y ayuda a los animales

Dear Commissioner,

Recent polls indicate that over 76% of the Spanish public have no interest in bullfighting and 78% of British citizens have not attended a bullfight [1] and would not consider doing so in the future [2].

Blood sports are unacceptable to have public money spent on. I do not want my tax money to subsidise the abuse and torture that happens during bullfights and "blood fiestas" in Spain.

I ask the EU Commission to immediately withdraw funding from bullfighting and to regulate more efficiently the laws governing such subsidies so that no taxpayer money support these cruel fiestas.

[1] http://www.bullfightingfreeeurope.org
[2] http://www.greens-efa.eu/fileadmin/dam/Documents/Studies/2013-5%20Bullfighting%20subsidies%20report.pdf

Yours faithfully,


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